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"Unique Way To Grow, Monetize And 
Automate Your Youtube Channel
Without Ever Having To Make Videos"


✔️ Brand New Masterclass! Your list don't know this New YouTube Method. After running the Tube Takeoff 1.0 Masterclass for 8 months, we've been through many iterations. This is the highest converting masterclass we've ever made

✔️ You Make $509 Per Sale. Low ticket affiliate products gets you 20 bucks FE and your customer is bombarded with an annoying upsell sequence. Promote this and you'll make $509 a pop with no upsells

✔️ Easy Methods to Use To Get Started. We have students making thousands of dollars per month doing this. It's a very low barrier of entry for people to get into and makes them long term passive income.

✔️ Resources To Make You Successful. We've run several affiliate promotions and know exactly what makes people buy. Below we make it easy for you to run a good promotion that is proven to convert

✔️ REAL MONEY Opportunity. You might be tired of promoting get rich quick schemes that comes with a couple of 5 minute video tutorials and a "built-in-a-weekend" software where the method fundamentally doesn't work. On YouTube there are thousands of people making a full time income with the strategy we teach.

✔️Hassle-Free Payouts. All payouts go through Digistore 24. Right to your bank account or Paypal. They even take care of the 60-day refund guarantee, to make it as easy and safe for you as possible.

✔️ 100% Transparency. Andy Hafell has a personal brand YouTube channel of 190,000 Subscribers where he posts videos showing his multiple YouTube channels and continually teaches his expertise as a YouTube and Affiliate Marketing Expert. 

✔️ Trustworthiness. With a lot of Make Money offers, the people teaching the strategies aren't doing the strategies they teach. Pretty terrible I know... Andy runs multiple YouTube channels and plan to create 20 more within the next 5 years. He does what he teaches and you can trust that the information is taught from experience.


"Tube Takeoff" is a digital video course featuring a mixture of hard Youtube teaching and instruction, along with psycho analysis of Youtube Videos working for me, and sometimes for my other members. 

So you'll see what's worked and what didn't work... What I'm doing in various niches (I have 4 channels now)... How I'm building my channels... And how you can apply what I'm doing to your Youtube Channels. 

Each Module is packed with actionable techniques (and even templates, in some cases) designed to... 

Get Your Audience
Lots Of Views and 
Sales The Same Day
You Use Them!

If you start a YouTube channel in a bad niche where you have to show your face, there's too much competition, and you can't monetize without adsense, it's kinda like you've got a yellow Lamborghini Aventador and then filling the tank with dirty mud water. You've got the best vehicle in the world (YouTube), but the wrong fuel. 

Here we teach you the exact criterias we look for when starting a new youtube channel as well as GIVE YOU OVER 100+ NICHES proven to work with our system.

There is a dark side of "personal brand" channels. I've got one of them, and if i'm gonna film... I need good light and expensive equipment, I need to dress nice, fix my hair, be charismatic, funny and perform. That doesn't sound like i'm running a YouTube business, that sounds like i'm going on a date! No-face content is a lot easier. 

Here we teach you how to crank out winning no-face content ideas designed to attract people fast and get people hooked on your content so they come back again and again. We've also included 4 content templates you can use over and over designed to go viral or sell products without being salesy. 

Many believe that making money on YouTube is easy because of Adsense. You know that ad you can skip before you watch a video? Yes, you make money from that, but my best example is a video of mine that got 287,000 views. Guess how much i made from it.. $67 dollars! Imagine how sad i was when i found out.. I'd make more in 1 day at my old pizza delivery job..

Here we teach you how to align your niche with the highest converting affiliate products on the internet, so you won't even need Adsense. Personally I make 10x more money from selling products than Adsense, that's how our students gets extraordinary results fast without many views at all.

There is a common saying in the business world: "Work ON your business not IN your business". Most youtubers ARE the business. That's why it's important to make a content system where each part can get outsourced by other people. That way you can actually enjoy the time freedom and money this YouTube business allows you to have.

Here we teach how to create a video factory assembly line. We'll give you our content system so you can hire high quality people for cheap and manage them easily. That will allow you to go to the beach with your friends without worrying about content, because your automation team is already making it for you while you do fun stuff. 


  •   Course - 4 Week Tube Takeoff Step-By-Step Video Course
  •  Bonus #1 - Perfect Video Scripts & Templates
  •  Bonus #2 - List of 132 Profitable YouTube Niches in 2021
  •  Bonus #3 - Complete Channel Design
  •  Bonus #4 - Viral Video Scripts & Templates
  • Bonus #5 - The Ultimate Affiliate Program List
  • Bonus #6 - First 1000 Sub Quickstart Method
  • Bonus #7 - 30 Day Success Checklist
  • Bonus #8 - Copy & Paste Hiring Scripts & Management System
  • Bonus #9 - Tube Takeoff Tribe - Monthly Zoom Mastermind
  • Bonus #10 - Personal Video Channel Review and Critique
  • Bonus #11 - Private 60 Minute 1-on-1 Coaching Call

I Cannot Possibly
Make It Easier For You
To Get Lots Of Sales
With This Youtube Course!

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100% Money Back Guarantee!

We are serious about our program and want you to be serious too. Therefore, we will refund your money 100% if you are not happy with the program within 60 days of purchase.



Tube Takeoff 2.0 Is Sold For $997

The affiliate receives a 51% commission of $509* Per Sale 
(we receive 49%)

You will receive 90% of the payout immediately (by the 7th, 14th, 21th or 28th each month) The security deposit (10% of the purchase amount) is paid out 60 days after the purchase. This is a regular, customary internal safety precaution of Digistore24.
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Method #1: Live Masterclass
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Method #2: Free/Paid Traffic To Evergreen Masterclass
  - Audience 1. Bizopp
This Masterclass is designed for people wanting to making money online and quit their traditional 9-5 job. Common objections like making money on YouTube is hard, that you have to show your face, and that it takes a ton of technical knowledge and experience are all handled perfectly in the masterclass. 

  - Audience 2. NewTubers
Even warmer traffic are NewTubers. Anyone with the desire to grow, monetize and automate a YouTube channel so they can make money online is a perfect fit.

Masterclass Affiliate Link: 

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Isn't there too much competition on YouTube already?

Not at all, it might seem that way at first. If you get a video that gets 7 million views, that didn't come from a bank of views, it came from the 3.2 billion people that are on the internet every single day.
How many videos do they watch and share every week? Do you think they'll go back to reading books, blogs and newspapers or watch more and more videos as we move on in the digital era? Youtube has unlimited views to go arround

What if i'm not good at public speaking / don't have an outgoing personality?

Viewers on Youtube are always seeking to relate with people similar to them. There are tons of niches and communities that you can tap into with the exact personality you already have. Think about it, when you were in high school, did everybody want to play sports?
Or was there groups of acting, musicians, gamers or chess players that huddled around and formed their own tight friends group. Even though they were not the outgoing personality types. No matter how shy or introverted you are, you can find people that want to relate with you.

My hobbies are really niche / weird / random. Will this program still work for me?

I promise your hobby is not too weird or niche. We've found incredibly successful channels in topics like:
Building satisfying things with magnets, Video games, sci-fi storytelling ASMR, Making Slime, reporting on only Tesla news, Restoring old rusty tools, dwarf poodle dog training, Toy Reviews, Coke and mentos experiments, Driving over things with a car, cocktail recipes, ice sculpture making. There is no end to small niches that are getting millions of views on YouTube, The strategies i'll show you will work for you no matter the niche.

What if I don't know what i'm passionate about?

No worries, I show you over 100+ niches you can take inspiration from and find something you want to make a channel about.

I'm a full-time student / have a full-time job. Will i have enough time to start a channel?

Absolutely Yes! My student Chris was working 40+ hours as a nurse with two kids of 3 and 6. He would find a couple hours during the week nights and weekends to make videos so he could quit his 9-5 job and live a life of freedom and abundance.

What if I don't have any filming / writing / editing experience?

You can do this without any prior experience. I teach you both the technical and strategical steps to be successful

What if I don't want to be on camera?

This is why i made the course. The course is catered mostly to people that don't wanna be on camera where all you need to do is talk into the microphone and edit some simple visuals on top of it. 

What sort of equipment will i need to start a channel? and how expensive will it be?

All you need is a smartphone and a laptop

All i have is a crappy old laptop and a smartphone with a cracked screen. Are you telling me I can start a YouTube channel with that?

Yep! Many of my students talk into the microphone on their phone and edit on their phone or even just a tiny laptop. I asked one of my students for a picture of their laptop and it was a little bigger than my hand with this tiny little keyboard and the screen had broken off the hinges. You have everything you need to be successful.

Masterclass Affiliate Link: 

Replace “AFFILIATE” with Your Digistore24 ID.
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